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 Dr Venom filming on location
 Vejay K. Singh is the young British Naturalist Aka Dr Venom specializing in Poisonous Creatures & Predators. He also has vast experience in the fields of Entomology the study of Insects & Arthropods, Animal Behavior and Ecology with a keen interest in Evolution. His work has been driven by his passion for the Natural World and Conservation.
 Last autumn saw the release of Dr Venoms great new book:
Dr Venoms Complete Guide to Poisonous Creatures of the Mediterranean
Bites, Treatments & Identification 
His New book has been hailed as a ground breaking achievement for Mediterranean Wildlife
 The first photo guide to describe and identify all Poisonous and medically significant animals of Europe
 “A Great, Hands-on Guide to the Med that could really Save your Life”   Karen McMahon Mijas Television & Radio Mijas 
 Available from all UK High Street Book Stores including: WH Smiths, Waterstones, Tesco, Amazon.com and all Book World España Stores in Spain. Kalahari Books in South Africa and Boomerang Books Australia
Dr Venom on the Hannah Murray Magazine Show - On Talk Radio Europe - "Total Mayhem!"
"the most exciting show ever" H.M 
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Dr Venom with members of the International Zoological Society in Andalusia 
" The Girls just love my Snake! " 
Little Billy the Kid, a young goat that Vejay rescued in Southern Spain. Billy was critically underweight and malnourished when I found him almost unconscious, tied to peg in the full summer sun without any water. The rope had tightened around his neck and Billy was only moments from succumbing to suffocation. The local authorities believed he had been abandoned and I took him into my care. He had to be bottle fed until he was able to eat solid foods. He soon became the healthy and full of life character that is now pictured above  
ALIEN? Er No, Electron micro-graph of a Wood Mite 
 De BÖERS Photo Shoot - Marbella Studios