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Naturalist, Wildlife Lecturer, Cryptozoologist, Author & Broadcaster

News Desk

News Desk

The Real X Files

Posted on 15 August, 2011 at 13:00

Early this summer Vejay recieved an invitation from New Mexico to come and investigate an Alien Discovery - the Metepec Creature. Dr Venom has been actively researching real X Files style cases involving UFO's, Aliens and other Paranormal anomaly and is a respected constructive expert on the these subjects.


The expedition will take Dr Venom to where the creature was first dicovered by a farmer in the barn of his country ranch in the isolated badlands of Mexico. The creature was found trapped in an animal trap and it is purported that another specimen at the scene escaped. The terrified farmer killed the creature by drowing it.

Video footage of the creature and tissue and bone samples will be taken from the "Alien" for further DNA analysis in London in order to try and ascertain its origin, or at least to confirm whether the creature has a recognisable DNA sequence and biology that is in common with organisms of this world!

The truth is out there!


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