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Dr Venom's Official Web Site

Naturalist, Wildlife Lecturer, Cryptozoologist, Author & Broadcaster

Dr Venoms "Tabloid Schnaps"

Art Gallery Art Gallery Killer Spider! The Deadly Wandering Spider of Brazil My Favorite Spider! 145813306 El Torcal National Park El Torcal National Park - Winning Entry 2010 - Prestige Lifestyle Magazine Issue 44 145813574 Bird of Paradise in Watercolor Bird of Paradise in Watercolor 145813575 Giant Tiger Centipede of South India Giant Tiger Centipede of South India - Largest centipede of India Scolopendra hardwickii 145813890 'Fatal Attraction' Shoot 'Fatal Attraction' Shoot 145813892 Female Binturong of India Female Binturong of India 145813893 Peacock Butterfly Digital Watercolor 145814527 Montpelier Snake in Watercolor Montpelier Snake in Watercolor 145814445 Wandering Spider of South Africa 145814446 Rare Malaysian Giant Tapir 145814447 Orangutan - Wild Man of the Rainforest 145814568 Bird Eating Spider Venezuela Bird Eating Spider Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 145815316 Le Rouge 152357527 The Mediterranean Centipede Scolopendra cingulata 152357528 'Killer Instinct' Collection 152357529 Tanzania (Manual SLR) Mombassa Golden Starburst Baboon 152357530 Giant Wolf Spider - Brazil (Man. SLR) 152357531 El Torcal Panorama 152357532 'Aggression' in Malay Tree Spider 152357801 Exotic Toucan in Watercolor 152357802