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Dr Venom's Official Web Site

Naturalist, Wildlife Lecturer, Cryptozoologist, Author & Broadcaster

Dr Venoms "Tabloid Schnaps"

Television & Filming Television & Filming Monster Insects! The Dr Venom series exploring amazing wildlife, venomous creatures and the predators that share our world..... 93157069 Go Wild in Spain Join Dr Venom as he explores the myriad of Wild Creatures that live in this tourist haven 93157071 Arachnophobia! 124306085 Snap! 124306087 Dr Venom's Lab! 141129417 M.TV Exclusive 156764136 i Marbella Exclusive 156764137 Monster Spiders! 156764430 Monster Insects! 156764431 VM.Tv Recording 156764432 In the Field 156764433 ITV Look North 156764434 Monster Insects! 156764743